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Can't claim EOS tokens

Hi Guys, I am pretty new to crypto, please excuse my ignorance in the matter :) I am trying to claim my 107 EOS tokens to MEW that I purchased and registered successfully back in February. Around that time every attempt to claim to MEW I experienced fail transactions of "Out of gas" that was due to using "Claim All" instead of "Claim". Fast forward today, I did few more attempts, this time using "Claim". Yet every MEW transaction shows "Green", but lead to nowhere. I tried accessing the my ETH TX history: https://etherscan.io/address/0xA3F2759aB325517C208fe9ade666820cbD9f8c4f but the transactions are not seen. And something interesting, I followed this advice https://myetherwallet.github.io/knowledge-base/transactions/transactions-not-showing-or-pending.html and changed my ETH network. This time transaction appeared in etherscan.io as "Pending", but then disappear completely from etherscan.io in few minutes. I tried scanning my wallet at MEW and once I even noticed 107 EOS token in "MEW / Token Balances", just to discover 30min later that EOS Tokens are 0 again. I am so confused, anyone can help me with the matter of claiming my EOS tokens. Appreciate it greatly!
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