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#BuiltOnEOSIO: EOS Knights Proves Itself to be a Game-Chainger

#BuiltOnEOSIO: EOS Knights Proves Itself to be a Game-Chainger eosioBlockedUnblockFollowFollowing

Feb 20

Myeongjin Shin, co-founder of EOS Knights, one of the most popular EOSIO gaming apps in the market today, speaks to us about what makes his role-playing game (RPG) so special, and why blockchain technology is uniquely suited to the infrastructure of RPGs at large.

How would you describe your project?

Myeongjin Shin: EOS Knights is a mobile RPG game that runs on the EOS blockchain. From the player’s perspective, it is no different from a regular RPG game, except that it runs on an EOS smart contract. Throughout the game, players can collect and craft up to 55 items, some of which include ‘Nature’, ‘Iron’, ‘Bone’, ‘Skin’ and ‘Mineral’. By crafting the items, the hero becomes stronger in the process. Players can also trade materials and items in the marketplace with EOS tokens. The game has been consistently ranked as one of the most popular applications on blockchain app analytics platforms, with more than 5000 daily active users and 200,000 daily transactions.

Where did your initial idea come from?

Myeongjin Shin: I have always been an avid player of RPG games such as Diablo 2 and Monster Hunter. I also heard about Bitcoin when it was still in its infancy, and the idea of it inspired me to look into its underlying technology of blockchain. Inspired to marry my old and new interests into something revolutionary, I created EOS Knights, which is essentially a blockchain version of an RPG game, complete with material collection and item-crafting features. Additionally, the possibility of trading on the marketplace requires a strong trust component in the game, which necessitates smart contract capability, as the rareness and relative value of different materials can be permanently set by the contract, instead of by a game administrator who could manipulate data in the back end. As such, these requirements make EOS Knigh...

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