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BTC Dominance SOARS As Alts Sell Off...Why? / Janice Griffith on SpankChain / EOS Coming Hard /More!

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â–ºWelcome To Crypt0's News: https://youtu.be/cofhTuO6GWA?t=29
â–ºThe Markets / BTC Dominance: https://youtu.be/cofhTuO6GWA?t=221
â–ºSteemit / Impersonation Scams: https://youtu.be/cofhTuO6GWA?t=374
â–ºThe Bittrex Conspiracy: https://youtu.be/cofhTuO6GWA?t=588
â–ºWhy We Need SpankChain- Adult Performer Spotlight: https://youtu.be/cofhTuO6GWA?t=918
â–ºEOS- The Most Funded Project In History: Continue on youtu.be

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EOS/ETH/NEO cross-chain DEX offers negative fees

Switcheo has some of the best tech and longest record of success for decentralized exchanges. They perform on-chain atomic swaps between NEO, ETH, & EOS. It’s a non-custodial DEX that uses a smart…