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-Breakeven point for Block Producers-Should we bring this topic to the table again?

I remember seeing articles stating that a breakeven point for BPs were between the $2.50-3 range back in December 2018. Now , with the issue of having high quality BPs out of the top 21 positions, what’s the future for EOS BPs? Price fluctuations are normal in the crypto space as we know it already and I would expect some BPs having private/ external funding for their operations, but this is still an important topic that I haven’t seen being talked recently (correct me if I’m wrong). But if some representatives from relevant BPs are around here we would like to see your concerns. Just thought it was important bringing this to the table again with the current price of per EOS sitting around 3ish and all problems in regards to governance which the community will have to figure out a way around it as B1 is a ghost as of now and even though they hold a large amount of money between bonds, BTC & EOS, there’s no clear path from them to help around this model as of now.. what are some of the current initiatives being carried by the community if any? Just a genesis holder and long term supportive of the EOS ecosystem worried about its own pillars and future.
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