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Hello BRAVO community!

Thank you for your patience while we tallied up all the data, we incredibly proud of the work and effort everyone has put into our second phase of the Earndrop campaign.

Congratulations to all members of BRAVO Pay’s ROUND 2 of the campaign. We had a total of 24,795 entries while the highest point earner amassed an incredible 125,850 points!

Diamond level members will receive 7500 BVO tokens — 100 winners Gold level members will receive 782 BVO TOKENS — 1029 winners Silver level members will receive 597 BVO TOKENS — 1295 winners Bronze level members will receive 54 BVO Tokens each — 13781 winners

Each tier will have 750 000 BVO Tokens to distribute evenly among the members of that tier. The top 100 members in the Diamond tier will each get 7500 BVO Tokens!

We have added an extra 1 million token to the final round of the Earndrop campaign. This means each tier will distribute 1,000,000 tokens — so get earning now: bvo.trybravo.com

The more points you earn, the higher you rank in the tiers and you’ll receive more BVO tokens when they are distributed directly after the ICO. The best way to get more points is to send your BRAVO (BVO) referral code to friends and family, and if they sign up then you get an additional 200 points so best you get referring NOW!

Don’t forget to join the next phase of the EARNDROP and THANK YOU AGAIN: http://bvo.trybravo.com

Our PRIVATE SALE is open to Non-U.S. persons only and other restrictions apply — See disclaimer on our website — www.bravoprotocol.

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