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BRAVO Community Update 8

BRAVO Community Update 8

Welcome to the November edition of our Community Update. It is astounding to note how much time has passed and the extent to which we have progressed.

The evolution of the Bravo Protocol has been parallel to that of the growth of our community. We thank you for your support.

We have made some significant achievements throughout 2018. As we reflect on our notable highlights, as well as the continuous advancement of the BRAVO Protocol.

Cue excitement, you will enjoy the read!

The BRAVO Protocol Website

If you are yet to explore our Bravo Protocol Website, please head over now. The website will assist you to delve into the Hybrid Consensus Protocol and to become genuinely enlightened with regards to the diverse applications that the technology hosts.

A duality should be noted. The public blockchain is based on the Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA) consensus algorithm, while, BRAVO’s private, Incognito blockchain is based on an anonymizing Proof-of-Stake algorithm. The BRAVO blockchain technology is of paramount importance as it can amalgamate these two technologies. This enables them to interoperate seamlessly, which provides the end-users with control over the transaction speed, privacy and cost implications.

You will notice that we frequently discuss technology. This is primarily due to the metamorphosis occurring within the blockchain realm, due to industry-wide, cutting-edge innovation.

The protocol and its scalability will play host to a plethora of applications that wish to leverage the license of BRAVO Pay. This is obviously in addition to its impressive features and scalability of the protocol.

The BRAVO Protocol Features

As a continuation of our previous update, we would like to reiterate the core features of our BRAVO protocol.


BRAVO’s API enables the continuous contribution and development of the bravo ecosystem. This is predominan...

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