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BP.Fish joins the Worbli Network as a Block Producer.

BP.Fish Joins Worbli as a Block Producer.

Worbli’s Network blockchain, built on the EOS platform, is able to host a variety of dApps focused on compliance and FinTech. With Worbli, users will be able to buy, sell, and store their digital assets while maintaining access to a multitude of applications at their fingertips. Worbli is creating a globally compliant framework, that will enable others with regulatory needs to develop their own systems and dApps on the Worbli.

As a platform, Worbli is aiming to increase accessibility, thereby reducing barriers to entry for enterprises, users, and developers into the DLT space. WORBLI Network intends to close the gap for both users and service providers, by creating a compliant financial services account which allows both parties to buy and sell the bulk of available blockchain tokens in a series of two transactions. Thus, users will only need a single account to store, buy, and trade their blockchain assets.

The Worbli Network also functions as a platform for developers to build dApps, providing sufficient compute power and data storage to host the dApp’s software securely, but more cost-effectively than legacy cloud or hardware server deployment. In essence, Worbli offers a secure, compliant and cost-effective foundation, with integrated financial services, thereby providing the ideal infrastructure on which to build a vibrant ecosystem of dApps.

With company values of transparency, inclusion, and fairness it’s easy to see why BP.Fish decided to join forces with Worbli. The platform is attempting to make a difference, and that’s precisely what a blockchain should do. With BP.Fish and Worbli working together, both are sure to continue to grow and develop.

To find out more about Worbli you can go to worbli.io, alternatively connect with them on Telegram (https://t.me/worblicommunity) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/worbli?lang=en).

You can also find BP.Fish on Twitter (https://twitter....

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