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Blockchain Saturday Meetup

This happened to be one of the the best meetup’s for 2018 sponsored by enumivo @met @oracle-D.

@agbonna achored the meetup, very important guy in the blockchain business, we had talk show talking majorly on life of blockchain during the bear period, their ups and down in crypto and the way forward. I was charged up, new knowledge acquired.

Matt starkey CEO of oracle-D talked about about,

Multiple, Proof of brain benefits

Hold steem, produce tasks, complete tasks, and get paid when oracle review’s it. And other multi proof of brain Apps,

• assest reviewing engine.

• Beta testing.

• Software engineering activation.

• Arts collaboration.

• Project management.

• Quality assurance checking.

Talked about sports persolation PR campaign @andre on steemit.

We had a discussion panel with @stevenmosoes, founder of Flaminghelpers and @captainphilips, CEO Steem Lagos who talked about how the blockchain technology has impacted them and the various prospects therein. Yeah, @jotmax moderated this session which ended about 1:40 Pm.

Also very happy to meet the likes of @bookoon troublesome but very special in her own way, kinda crushing sha

@udezee man like him wey sabi, very humble, and gentle

@azeez that one na funny guy, never a dull moment with him

@sammiegold i just love this guy, very important person in the meetup, because of his camera.

@gracehills his dying knowledge for blockchain tech, my twin on the blockchain

@emekasegun, not harsh in real life, but on whatsapp, you cant just stroll to his DM

@god was there, simple person..

@tezzmax oh! Special somebody

@captainphilips you are respected, met you for the first time, it was worth it, i learnt from you more.

@marshallife this one is the oga kpatakpata of them all, he is not in Nigeria, he comes and goes, happy to meet you, thanks for the impartation, hope to work with ...

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