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Blockchain backed accountability on social networks

3:00 AM: My sleep was abruptly terminated with the annoyingly loud sound of an old moped parked outside my apartment, as some paperboy was dropping off unwanted advertisements. 4:00 AM: I give up trying to fall back to sleep and start my morning routine with breakfast, supplemented with an episode of the [Joe Rogan Experience](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUDAdOdF6Zg&t=11m30s). In this episode Joe Rogan and Steven Pinker (11m 30s) begin discussing the importance of accountability, as an enabler for the reciprocity of altruistic deeds. This of course reminded me of the Steem blockchain and Steemit, where the addition of cryptocurrency (economy, incentive) and blockchain provided immutability (censorship resistance, accountability) has greatly shifted the social dynamics of an otherwise simple Reddit clone. I have had blockchain tech on mind for the last 8 years now and it's basically still all I can think of. Around 27 minutes into the video, Steven Pinker begins talking about the Tulip bubble, so perhaps he's also been dabbling with Bitcoin. He sums up a rant with the question: "How do people lose their collective minds?" In order for there to be reciprocity, that is people paying back the favours, there must be a memory of good deeds being carried out. The blockchain data structure ensures historical records of good and bad, but people still need to look for it. When building social networks on blockchains, we should ask ourselves how these sites can best showcase both the good and bad actions. Gamification with leaderboards or something else? Trophies? Is direct correlation between owned EOS and reputation really something we want, or should there be another measure? We of course each carry our own reputation engine in our heads, but how can we add functionality to assist as moral guidelines? I think BitShares and Steem were great stepping stones towards the creation of the 3. generation EOS.io blockchain and I think Steemit was a great economic / game ...
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