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Block.one Asks for Feedback on the New EOS Resource Model

Anyone with thoughts on the new block.one $EOS Resource Model Proposal you still have some time. Get those comments in and lets help u/block_one_ take #EOS to the next level of #blockchain efficiency 🚀🚀🚀 [https://eos.io/eos-resource-model-proposal/?utm\_source=twitter&utm\_medium=social&utm\_campaign=eosio\_updates&utm\_content=resourcemodel](https://eos.io/eos-resource-model-proposal/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=eosio_updates&utm_content=resourcemodel) ​ [https://twitter.com/GenerEOSAus/status/1323220991305154560](https://twitter.com/GenerEOSAus/status/1323220991305154560)
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EOS DeFi EoW Outlook CW 48

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EOS DeFi EoW Outlook CW 48

It's week 48 and here's the current snapshot of the EOS DeFi floating in my little bubble DeFis.network I hate the name, but that's… by ash