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Bancor's EOS_io block producer team, r/LiquidEOS, has built one of the first games to run on EOS, EOSCraft! Play on or offline through scatter app: https://ban.cr/EOSCraft

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How To Buy EOS

As some of you may know I am a massive advocate for EOS. I do love everything EOS, and it has been that way ever since October 2017 when I first heard about it. I want to share not only about how to b...
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EOS Following Ethereum Trading Pattern

Earn Crypto for Publishing AND for Reading or Watching quality stuff! Publish0x is a Crypto agnostic platform where both authors and readers earn in Crypto.
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Parsl is coming back to North America!

Things are starting to pick up speed at Parsl and a lot of people are starting to take notice. It was only last month that we did our last tour of America but we've already got three exciting speaking...
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The importance of trustless EOS IBC

First off, before we get started, what is IBC? I-B-C stands for inter blockchain communication which is the primary means by which the EOS IO blockchains will integrate EOS IO daughter and sister side...