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As promised, our financial disclosure.

As we promised back in April when we were one month into our block producer candidacy, we've published our finances for the community to see: [https://steemit.com/eos/@cryptolions/cryptolions-financial-disclosure](https://steemit.com/eos/@cryptolions/cryptolions-financial-disclosure) We think we will not only be among the most technical, and the most transparent BPs, but also one of the most efficient. We can wait until others publish their financials to see if that's true. If it is, then we can rightly claim that a vote for CryptoLions means more funds going to projects and infrastructure: * EOS Network Monitor: [http://eosnetworkmonitor.io/](http://eosnetworkmonitor.io/) * Jungle Testnet Monitor: [http://jungle.cryptolions.io/](http://jungle.cryptolions.io/) * Jungle Testnet Chat: [https://t.me/jungletestnet](https://t.me/jungletestnet) (Three important bugs, one of which could have been catastrophic, were discovered in the Jungle Testnet in the past two weeks. This weekend we'll be testing SUDO which will make governance much easier.) * ZEOS. Account registration with BTC or ETH: [https://zeos.co/](https://zeos.co/) * BP scripts (for BPs, to ease operations): [https://github.com/CryptoLions/EOS-MainNet](https://github.com/CryptoLions/EOS-MainNet) * Telegram BP notifier (for BPs, mostly): [https://github.com/CryptoLions/BP-Position-Telegram-Notifier](https://github.com/CryptoLions/BP-Position-Telegram-Notifier) * Truth bonds. (coming soon!)
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