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## What is Eos (EOS)?  EOS is a convenient multifunctional platform for working with decentralized applications with support for smart contracts, zero commissions and high bandwidth. It can be said that this is an attempt to create another version of the Ethereum network, but more accessible and faster. The ultimate goal of EOS is to build a secure and transparent blockchain platform for decentralized applications. One that could easily scale to thousands of transactions per second, while providing equally convenient access to the service for developers, entrepreneurs and ordinary users. The blockchain implements the concept of parallel execution of smart contracts, which reduces the processing time of contracts by using horizontal scaling of the network. EOS uses a unique DPoS protocol, the peculiarity of which is that transactions can be confirmed not by all miners, but only by 20 large holders in a particular block. Thanks to this algorithm, the network bandwidth is much higher than that of competitors. https://preview.redd.it/udo297c6xai71.png?width=1024&format=png&auto=webp&s=8aeb1cc5b3b8b070f18a3e525913afee10ef7c4b ## Why should I trade Eos?  If you are thinking about buying EOS, then you have made the right choice, since: * Thanks to a more advanced and flexible architecture, EOS competes with well-known blockchains. The project is in the top 30 by market capitalization. * For a long time, the value of the coin did not go beyond $8, but with the onset of 2021, investors ‘ interest in it increased and the altcoin sharply increased in price to almost $15. According to DigitalCoin and LongForecast, further price growth is expected. * Thanks to the introduction of the new PowerUp protocol and cooperation with Google Cloud, the EOS project has attracted the attention of many users and investors, which will have a positive impact on the asset price in the near future. As of August 8, 2021, the price of one EOS coin is $4.29, and the market capitalization is ...
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