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An Overview of EOS Smart Contract Development

In the blockchain and development ecosystem there remains one large debate around which project can deliver the most efficient and subsequently effective development framework for smart contracts. Smart contracts, otherwise known as virtualized agreements between multiple parties, are the backbone of decentralized applications (dApps) essentially serving as the bridge that connects the static world to blockchain technology.

Those knowledgeable in the space are aware of the three main contenders for best smart contract framework: Ethereum (Ether), EOS (EOS), and TRON(TRX). Each framework maintains similar qualities that can be used to enforce an effective tool for developers to create smart contracts, however at their core, they possess unique and notable attributes that enable them to work differently from their counterparts.

While debatable which language is the “best” for smart contract development, the EOS framework has established a maneuverable framework, one that developers have taken interest in as shown on their GitHub activity.

For information about Etheruem’s native programming language, Solidity, please read through BTCManager’s overview here. 

Smart Contracts and Beginning to Separate EOS

Smart contract development is a complex process, but for good reason. Smart contracts establish virtual agreements between multiple parties, and if too simple, they could easily be attacked. Upon the first introduction of smart contract development, Ethereum demonstrated a framework for digital agreements that could act almost as a digitized “escrow” system for any type of transaction. Subsequently, there has been much debate within the crypto community regarding the best way to develop and instantiate these smart contracts. Smart contracts offer serious technological advancement, however, they are in some cases not efficiently deployed.

Each development atmosphere within smart contracts has given rise to new questions: how can...

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