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An Introduction to the Economy of Blockchain Consensus

An Introduction to the Economy of Blockchain Consensus

Li Wancai, Co-founder of EOS Gravity


Dr. Li Wancai is known as the founder and director of WaterDrop Capital and the co-founder of EOS Gravity.

Recently, Dr. Li shared some of his thoughts regarding some of the key issues in the development of blockchain industry. He believes that token model and community vitality are the driving forces and key competencies of blockchain economy.

Based on the reasoning and contemplation of the above mentioned driving forces, Dr. Li put forward the notion that the development pattern of blockchain economy in the future will be focusing on community vitality and that the competition on the economy of blockchain consensus will arrive soon.


Recently, I’ve had some discussions with some celebrities working in the blockchain industry such as Tao Quming from WanXiang Blockchain, Wang Dapao and Jin Ma regarding the topic on the future developing trend of blockchain economy. Interestingly, during our discussions, we all unanimously showed our concerns on the value that community can add to blockchain economy, which raised my understanding and awareness of the future developing trend of blockchain economy into a new level.

With a view to further discuss the topic with all industry partners and our community members, I hereby write down some of my opinions and thoughts for your reference.

Before we dive into the development pattern of blockchain, one thing we need to clarify is that what is the driving force and the key competency of blockchain economy.

Driving force of blockchain economy-Token Model

The so-called nature of blockchain that changes the relation of production is basically about the creation of a new way of partnership. As for the revolutionary feature that this new partnership brings about, I normally would describe it in a not-so-approriate way: tape water.

I hereby liken...

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