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An Introduction to EOSYS and its Future Development Plans

An Introduction to EOSYS and its Future Development Plans

On 8th of March 2018, EOSYS announced its EOS BP(Block Producer) candidacy, the first BP candidate in South Korea. EOS has been loved by followers all around the world since it made its debut in July 2017. Yet until now, a lot of people do not know the value of EOS. EOSYS will share the vision of EOS with people around the world and dedicate ourselves to vitalize EOS ecosystem.

The core members of EOSYS are as follows:

Charles Pyo (CEO)

As a leading serial entrepreneur in Korea, he is one of the early EOS supporters who recognized and shared the value of EOS with Korean community. He developed EOSscan.io, which has been used by EOS investors all over the world since June 2017. Currently, he leads EOSYS, the first EOS BP Candidate in Korea, and contributes to vitalizing the EOS ecosystem. In the past, he founded Wizard Works and was nominated as BusinessWeek’s 25 young entrepreneurs representing Asia. Currently, he is the founder and chairman of Kblock (Korea Blockchain Business Research Association). He majored in Journalism and Business at Yonsei University.

Jechol Lee (CTO)

He leads system development and manages the infrastructure of EOSYS to guarantee secure and stable block production. In the past, he worked as a software engineer at Google and a senior engineer at Skelter Labs, an AI startup. He studies computer science at Seoul National University.

David Choi(Head of Strategy & Communication)

For EOS ecosystem, he is devoted to establishing policies and leads strategy of EOSYS. He manages communications with community members and global collaboration with other BP candidates.

Chris Na(Head of Business Development)

He is in charge of domestic and overseas business development of EOSYS. In the past, he worked as an associate at private equity funds, well-informed in fields of finance, accounting, and strategy. He studied finance at Guanghua School of Man...

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