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All Block Producer Candidates, submit your information to imToken now so that users can better understand you!

imToken: Information Submission for EOS Block Producer Candidates

To all EOS Block Producer (BP) Candidates,

imToken has announced that users will be able to vote for desired BP candidates within imToken. We encourage BP candidates to submit information so that users can get a better understanding of the candidates, submission can be done at https://github.com/consenlabs/eos-bp-profile

Required Information Basic Information- Name of BP candidate- One sentence Tagline- Logo and cover photo (logo size: 180x180 png, cover size: 1125x420 png)- Official website- Email Team Information- Basic introduction of the team Technical Information- Server Location Social Media- Twitter- Facebook- Sina Weibo- github- Steemit- Telegram

We will process the submission as soon as we can. If you have any question, do reach us at [email protected]

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