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A birdy told me that B1 may look to disrupt the big blue social network! 馃惁

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Platforms switching over to EOS

Another day with markets in the red. But there is no reason to discuss price in those lazy summer days, especiall knowing there are so many things building up in the background. As i've stumble over a...
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EOS Mega Update Vol 9: New Transactions-Per-Second record, EOS/ETH & EOS/BTC ratio, EOS proxy voter information, No more SEOS token, Resource Exchange Telegram Group, Projects switching from Ethereum to EOS, Where's the audit??, Everipedia info on page abuse, New EOSIO software version 1.2.0

芒聙垄 New TPS record http://eosnetworkmonitor.io/ 芒聙垄 The price of EOS per ETH over time https://hitbtc.com/EOS-to-ETH 芒聙垄 The price of EOS per BTC over time https:/...
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Massive Evolution of Upcoming Developments to Trybe

Trybe is a decentralized knowledge sharing platform with many similarities and upcoming improvements to the well known Steemit platform. We are evolving the mechanics of shareable intelligence through...