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Hello Community, I was big into the crypto scene 3-4 years ago and bought EOS when it first launched. I bought about 200. I have Scatter and had all my EOS on there. If I recall correctly, I was staking my EOS so that it could earn interest since I knew I wasn’t gonna touch it for some time. I pretty sure I even had the auto proxy votes set up. I have Greymass on my laptop. Well fast forward to today, when I finally logged back into my Scatter, there’s only 7 EOS on here!! Is there a way for me to track the activity of my EOS or figure out where the heck the other 193 EOS are?!?! I know I was messing around with some gambling dApps when they first launched, but I KNOW I didn’t lose em all Please provide any links or feedback. Thanks, Concerned HODLer
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