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1 More Reason EOS is a better investment

People look at the market cap of Ethereum and immediately conclude that just because it's over 6x the market cap of EOS, it means people value it more than EOS. If you look at [coinmarketcap.com](http://coinmarketcap.com/) you'd realise that over 95% of projects listed are on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Rightly so because Ethereum has been here for over 4 years and for the most of time, it's been the only platform for launching DAPPS. Let's not forget it is the first of its kind to market. \*THE ILLUSION:\* All these projects on the EVM, raised their monies through ICO. What does that mean ? It means that most of Ethereum's market cap is not actually monies invested DIRECTLY in Ethereum. You and I could have started an ICO and raised 10000 ETH on the EVM. Though the money pumps ETH prices...but the money belongs to us! If and anytime we decide to cash out, it will affect ETH's prices ■NEGATIVELY■. \*IN COMPARISON WITH EOS\* EOS on the other hand is just a you-and-i money. So far, 100 percent of the DAPPS on EOS were raised through Airdrops! Is it Karma, Everipedia, EOSDAC, unlike Ethereum, you were not required to purchase EOS and send to a contract address and dump so much EOS into a project for the project to raise funds. Projects simply Airdrop their token free of charge on EOS and the market decides what value to place on it. \*SUMMARILY\* Also remember that The EVM is almost unusable at 15 transactions per second. When EOS is over 3700tps already. Projects are already porting from ETH to EOS for same reasons. Also thus far, Airdrops has spin off more funds than ICOs, Airdrops is a gift, hence is not under any threat of being labled a security...e.t.c So next time we look at coinmarketcap and see ETH's value in comparison to others, ALWAYS remember that most of that money could be cashed out any moment and invest wisely.
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