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Melonport: Melon’s Design and the Economic Agents within the Ecosystem

Melon’s Design and the Economic Agents within the Ecosystem

This blog post is a draft outline showing how the Melon protocol ecosystem should behave with regard to its participants assuming rational economic agents within the Melon ecosystem.

This post will also touch on how the design of the protocol architecture currently under development shall work to insure that those incentives remain aligned to the goal of the continued success of the ecosystem.

Assumptions Made: All assets in Melon portfolios are liquid and tradable and therefore have regular, reliable price feedsFor this version of the melon protocol the price feed is calculated with a Cryptocompare price feed module — price is determined using this methodology. We assume this to be the true price of the underlying crypto asset The Various Economic Agents Within The Melon Ecosystem:

Melonport: The legal entity that has and continues to conceptualize and develop the Melon protocol. The Melon protocol seeks to build an open source protocol based on Ethereum smart-contracts that enables users (hereinafter also participants) to set up, manage and invest in digital asset management strategies in a way that reduces barriers to entry, minimizes the requirements for trust while maximizes transparency (“Melon protocol”).

Suppliers: a set of individuals or entities who link their existing products to the Melon protocol ecosystem (module developers) or alternatively develop products specifically for the Melon protocol ecosystem. Within this subgroup we identify two types of ecosystem players:

Developers: people or entities that build smart-contract modules which interact with the Melon ecosystem.Operators: people or entities that operate these modules. For example a price feed operator, delivering price feed data to the blockchain.

Token holders: a set of individuals or entities who own the Melon tokens. These can be loosely categorised into two subsets:

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