Melonport: Good news everyone! A new release of Oyente (v0.2.0 OneNorth) is now available with several new features!

5Y Ago


Its been awhile since our KentRidge release, here are some fresh updates in this new Oyente release (what is Oyente?).

What's in this release: Allowing checking assertion of any kind in Solidity (thanks to @leonardoalt for his awesome PR #144). Now you can check if the assertion of any invalid condition in your smart contract is reachable with Oyente, thus preventing potential bugs! For example, one can simply check if assert (postSendBalance + postRecBalance != preSendBalance + preRecBalance)

is reachable in their transfer function to guarantee that the transfer works correctly. This is a powerful feature and will be discussed more on our future blog post.

Easy install via pip (thanks to @beaugunderson and his PR #137 ) Optimizing reentrancy detection function (thanks to @luongnt95 and his PR #153) Many other optimizations here and there, including improving documentation and fixing reported bugs, done by @luongnt95. Get the new version

Now you can simply do:

$ pip install oyente

or compile from source by following the instructions in our README.

We thank the community for sending PRs, report issues to make Oyente better. The road to Changi, our stable release, is getting closer.


-- The Oyente Team