Litecoin now available at ALL 43 Athena Bitcoin ATMs

cryptoninjas.net5y ago

Back in June, Chicago-based Athena Bitcoin, the popular bitcoin ATM and wallet provider announced they would start selling litecoin (LTC) from their automated teller machines in a trial period at select Atlanta area ATM locations.

With a successful month-long trial period concluded, it has now been announced that users of Athena can purchase and send litecoin in seven operating states at all 43 ATMs. All Athena ATMs will now sell both bitcoin and litecoin.

At the current time, however, the Athena online wallet is still bitcoin-only. Though, users can send LTC to the litecoin wallet address of the person or website they wish to pay from any ATM.

There are many third-party Litecoin wallets and services available to assist in storing and transacting with LTC on a phone or computer. The following options are some most popular, but functionality, security, or suitability are not guaranteed for any purpose: Coinomi (mobile), LoafWallet (Apple iOS), Jaxx (mobile/desktop), Electrum-LTC (desktop), LiteVault (web-based), Ledger (hardware), Trezor (hardware), and LiteAddress (paper wallets/cold storage).

You can view all of the available locations in the Athena ATM network.