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Start a project with ENJ

Hey, ​ I'm a developer fan of cryptos and gaming. I have an idea for a project with ENJ but I dont know where to start. The game I want to make represent a lot of work but the potential is huge, to do this work I need money to pay some 3d artist, sound designer and everything not related to the code. What's the best way in your opinion to raise funds? I just have \~5-6k $ to invest now... This is not a lot, I need at less 50-100k to make this project, I guess. Can I make a pre sale of NFT on the ENJ marketplace if the project doesn't exist now? Or maybe there is other solutions? like Launchpad / ICO/IDO etc, but in my case I don't need to have a token, I will just use NFTs in my game, I don't want to create another useless shitcoin just to raise funds... I already have a white paper and a small proof of concept made with Unreal Engine (not connected to the blockchain atm)
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