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Live AMA with Bancor: July 22 at 3:00pm UTC

Mark your calendars: Following the announcement of [ENJ as a Bancor V2 Launch Pool](https://blog.bancor.network/announcing-enj-as-a-bancor-v2-launch-pool-9bed52ad7cb1), we're hosting a Live AMA with Bancor Head of Product Asaf Shachaf & Head of Growth Nate Hindman in the [Enjin Telegram](https://t.me/enjin_coin)! 🗓️ July 22 at 3:00pm UTC All selected questions (pre-collected and live) will receive 10 BNT + 100 [Frozen ENJ](https://enjinx.io/eth/asset/58481). Full details here: https://enj.in/ama-bancor
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