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I’m proud of myself.

Last year around august I was struggling with mental and physical health problems. One morning while lying in bed trying to find the energy to get up, I was ready to buy some alt coins with the money I got from a redundancy. I don’t consider myself to be very knowledgeable about crypto but I knew it was better than letting the money sit in the bank. So, I started to read through all the alt coin descriptions and note the ones I felt resonated. One of them was enjin. I’m not a gamer and never have been. But I’ve had plenty of friends who are and I know how much time they spend gaming. It’s their world. When I saw enjjn coin I had already wondered why no one made a coin that could be used across all the games to buy items for their characters and to sell things they collect. When I read about enjin it sounded like the closest coin to my shower thought. So I bought 1000 of them. Turns out my very limited knowledge combined with my life experience of knowing gamer friends made it a wonderful investment. I’m proud of myself.
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