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Help for a game dev

I'm a game dev that's been looking at enjoin coin for a little bit now but I have a question that I can't find a good answer to and hope that someone here may have some useful insight. I read on a forum post by the devs some ideas for balancing characters that are brought in from other games, like basing stats off of total playtime or some other metric, but what about items. What stops someone from making an item that gives plus 100 to a stat for example when my game is balanced around items only giving larger amounts in the end game. I could always limit the max stat boost of an item based on playtime or level reached in my game specifically but I feel like it may defeat the point of transferring items from one game to another at least a bit, especially if people actually earn high stat gear as opposed to make a game themselves and effectively cheat it in. Of course, I could always make items cosmetic only but for me, at least part of the fun is getting end game-high stat gear after playing for a while, and the idea of keeping my best gear forever across games is what made me look into enjin coin in the first place so any ideas of how to make this idea work would be greatly appreciated.
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