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Get a Free ENJIN NFT by visiting their website!

Going to their website and finding the QR code that is for the Free NFT that anyone can claim and you can send the QR screen shot and ask to download Enjin and claim it then they will get like you, a limited version of the NFT that will eventually stop or become a new NFT over time. It’s not worth big $ it may be in 5-10 years who knows. All I know is Enjin is big and it’s a big deal with many of the newest Play to Earn crypto games using Enjin as their market or whatever. Anyway I don’t work for nor have any relations with Enjin other than that I claimed a CMC Diamond and got it when I merged my trust wallet to Enjin it arrived and yesterday I look at website and find a free NFT from Enjin on their website! 🙏
Go to self.EnjinCoin
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