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I'm new to the Enjin Coin community. After completing my initial ENJ research today (yes, the price spike the last few days has caught my eye), I think it's fair to say I am SUPER excited about potentially investing and becoming part of the community. Had one question though for all you ENJ experts out there. But first, here's my take on the bullish thesis (feel free to add or correct me): (1) Gaming is generally speaking one of the most popular, lucrative, and growing sectors in the economy (for example, games are the most popular genre on mobile apps, lockdowns seem to have only accelerating video game user growth). And (it seems) very few people are talking about crypto gaming at the moment, so we are likely in an early inning here. (2) ENJ seems to be well poised to take off in the event of widespread crypto gaming adoption. Gaming seems like the perfect venue for NFTs as nowadays nearly all gamers are familiar with purchasing in-game items (using virtual currency). Seems like a perfect fit for gamers who pour hundreds of hours (or dollars) into games to unlock epic items (which, through ENJ, they will ACTUALLY own). (3) Tokenomics seems fine / normal with 83% in circulation. Trading volumes are high and the coin is certainly hyped up on Social Media etc. compared to many other coins (4) The ENJ team has seemed to provide extremely user-friendly tools for developers to get up and running with NFT integration (in one of their video blogs, I think the referenced a company which literally took 48 hours to integrate NFT game assets). Again, this makes ENJ extremely well-situated to accelerate should crypto gaming take off. But here's the one question preventing me from moving in substantially: The games I've found which currently run on ENJ - do any of you play them? Are they getting any real traction? Is there any data for this (for example, can't find any popular streamers who run these games)? What if the initial releases (usually by smaller devs) are jus...
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