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Congrats to witekradomski , calebapplegate , maxenjin and the whole team enjin for closing Efinity's Seed Round! Capital is proud to have led the round. Read more about Enjin and why we invested:

An NFT project by Enjin, built on the Polkadot Network

Crypto.com announced today that it has led the Seed Round in Efinity, an NFT project by Enjin. Following the recent launch of Crypto.com/NFT, Crypto.com Capital is committed to supporting the development of the NFT industry together with Enjin, the creator of the advanced ERC-1155 NFT standard.

Efinity is a purpose built NFT blockchain made for games, apps, enterprises, and creators, built in partnership with Polkadot. Any NFT from any chain (e.g., Ethereum) can be moved to Efinity, making collaboration between projects possible, as creators and developers will no longer be limited to a single blockchain and platform. Efinity will enable NFTs to be utilized by virtually any industry, unlocking potentially trillions of dollars in currently illiquid and unique real-world and digital assets.

Bobby Bao of Crypto.com Capital said “We are strong believers in the potential of NFTs and are confident the Enjin team will play a pivotal role in developing the infrastructure required to meet that potential. As a co-founder of Crypto.com, I understand how hard it is to bring game-changing ideas to life. We’re proud to have led this funding round and will continue to support Maxim and his team throughout their journey.”

If you’re building a project in the crypto space and are raising a round, please fill out this application form here. You are welcome to contact us at [email protected]

About Crypto.com Capital

Crypto.com Capital, the venture arm of Crypto.com invests in crypto startups at Seed and Series A stages. With $200 million earmarked for investment, Crypto.com Capital is committed to accelerating the growth of promising startups.

Crypto.com Capital gives founders building in the crypto industry two things: a reputable lead investor for their Seed or Series A rounds, and priority of launch on the world’s fastest growing retail crypto platform ...

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