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Energi Code Analysis - CoinCode.sh

Hi, This thread was created to receive feedback on the new project we created called coincode. What is [Coincode.sh](https://coincode.sh/)? The purpose of [CoinCode.sh](https://coincode.sh/) is to make the code analysis relating to the differences between the most popular forked coins and those that are actually used public and affordable. Our goal is to inform about teams that copy a code part instead of creating real value in the crypto world. This analysis is useful in order to discover the aim of a particular coin. Most of the projects with a high percentage of code created by others turned out to be a failure. Currently, we have over 56 coins listed, anyone can submit it for free. A short example below for Energi: ​ [Energi](https://preview.redd.it/28o38frfohn41.png?width=1424&format=png&auto=webp&s=a60a74663ad7cc0878feb044db750a58a8ac8cee) Homepage: [https://coincode.sh/](https://coincode.sh/) Direct Link: [https://coincode.sh/c/nrg/](https://coincode.sh/c/nrg/) All feedback is welcome. Best Regards,
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