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Emercoin weekly digest #27–28

Emercoin weekly digest #27–28

Hi, cryptofriends!

Last week began with the bitcoin exchange rate dipping below, and the Ethereum token dropping to $170. But by the end of the week, bitcoin prices rose to a record of $3000, with a surge of an almost 25% increase in an overnight space. This could be due to the fact more than 95% of miners have expressed support for the decision BIP 91, which will lead to a soft transition for Segregated Witness, and avoid the ugly split between miners and developers. However, nothing has been finalised at this stage. Read more about it: http://www.coinfox.info/novosti/7274-bitcoin-rises-on-segwit2x-activation-prospects

The main news last week was the hacking attack on Ethereum-wallet Parity. The hackers managed to steal approximately $32 million from the digital wallet of the ETH tokens. Read more about how the hackers managed to steal funds from accounts in Parity here: http://www.coinfox.info/novosti/7276-hackers-stole-30-million-from-the-popular-ethereum-wallet Meanwhile in Belarus the national Bank intends to create an information network based on blockchain to solve the banking and non-banking problems. This will create a self-regulating control mechanism, suggested by the Belarusian Central Bank: http://www.coinfox.info/novosti/7275-the-national-bank-of-belarus-announced-the-creation-of-an-information-network-based-on-blockchain-technology The blockchain, in principle, can change not only the banking and financial sector, but also create major changes for the market of online advertising.

For example, a decentralized advertising system EmerCoin Link Exchange allows you to buy and sell sponsored links, without intermediary organizations. This will reduce the cost of contextual advertising, which, incidentally, is the fastest growing sector in Internet advertising. Site owners that advertise to use the system are also benefitted: they can easily earn and withdraw their funds without unnecessary red t...

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