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Blockchain technology is set to change the market of Internet advertising

Blockchain technology is set to change the market of Internet advertising

The market of contextual advertising is currently the fastest growing, with figures rising to $26 billion in 2016. However, more than half this figure accounted for by only two players — centralized intermediaries.

The current centralized system of buying and selling advertising links is centred on running campaigns in Google AdWords, BingAds and similar platforms. These intermediary services receive a large portion of the money that advertisers pay for the service. The actual Host platform that generates the advertising earns less than 50% of the cost of advertising.

Additionally to the intermediary party acquiring a large fee, the process is further complicated by the Hosts and Advertisors having to become registered in the system of buying and selling advertising links, in order to operate. They must create an account, enter phone numbers, e-mail, credit card and other personal information. Advertisers also need to make a large down payment, which is usually not refundable.

There are some other shortcomings: there is no mechanism to transfer your balance to another member of the same advertising network. Poorly designed mechanisms are not built to handle a combined role where the same party is both the advertiser and the advertising platform at the same time.

The blockchain technology allows us to minimize these disadvantages and to significantly increase the income of advertising for the Host SItes, and reduce the expenses of Advertisers.

This principle applies using advertising system EmerCoin Link Exchange. This system decentralises the system of payments, which results in the sale and purchase of sponsored links going directly between parties without intermediary organizations. The costs of placing sponsored links with this scheme are much lower than in centralized systems.

The scheme of EMC LNX as follows:

The advertiser, known as a...
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