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⚒ This week on Elrond ( 21/06-27/06 )

​ 💹 The Maiar Exchange will offer deep liquidity for projects building with our tech & instant global access for their communities. Audits, tests & improvements are currently fortifying the hypergrowth engine of the Elrond Network prior to its launch. Weekly #elrondtech 🛠 ​ https://preview.redd.it/4k9twtwj3t771.png?width=720&format=png&auto=webp&s=0d191f31a835fcd5153a9524a2cfd16bc435745e 1/ As the Maiar audits & testing continue, we keep adding new functionalities as well. We implemented a smart contract for flash-minting tokens & made all the smart contracts more customizable. Other new features in development. ​ 2/ We are close to finalizing our own implementation of the Elrond-Ethereum bridge: ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 bi-directional transfers will enable liquidity to flow between the two chains. Improvements, fixes, fuzzer, components sync & audits. ​ 3/ Soft Restart is now on the public testnet! The ability of a validator to gracefully shuffle between shards without requiring to be "hard restarted" is important for smoother network operation overall. ​ 4/ Other notable achievements: \- Final fixes & tests carried on the feature that allows the node to synchronize large trie nodes \- Added test scenario for the in-process trie sync if the node's DB got corrupted \- Endless reviews & bughunt/bugfix sessions ​ 5/ - Refactored the old databases deletion mechanism to avoid any edge cases or delays that might appear when shuffling out \- Added additional fields in API responses for addresses & hyperblocks \- Add sorting on auction & orders in nft service ​ 6/ - Refactored integration project on Ledger \- PR in order to support Elrond in Ledger Live \- Script to check flags on startup for internal testnets \- Ansible wrapper for deploying scripts on internal testnets & automatic flag checks ​ 7/ - Tested Kubernetes autoscaling on devnet \- erdjs: get...
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