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This week in Elrond (28/09 - 04/10)

Most devs solve 99% of their problems by looking them up online. But when building something truly new, innovative solutions which cannot be reached via conventional means give a unique value to an entire architecture. Weekly [\#elrondtech](https://twitter.com/hashtag/elrondtech?src=hashtag_click) https://preview.redd.it/sveyi4pwc7r51.png?width=900&format=png&auto=webp&s=dd5284f54cb87ac2bf816abaa0ac42fdc3e4de09 1/ Preparations for open staking: a more inclusive validator model & the migration of the delegation functionalities directly into the system smart contract, decreasing trust concerns between delegators and providers while enabling governance. 2/ Prepping the Elrond Standard Digital Token on the mainnet, we have implemented burn, mint, freeze, unfreeze, pause, unpause functions. ESDT is also integrated with SCs the same like EGLD, enabling pre-checks, refunds & paying for SC calls & SC2SC calls in ESDTs instead of EGLD 3/ We’ve upgraded the testnet with new binaries & configs, after running several tests to ensure the existing database can be correctly imported when switching over to the new version. Waiting list, stake, unstake enabled on the testnet prior to activating them on the mainnet. 4/ Other notable achievements: - Full Mandos test support directly in the Rust SC framework. This allows step-by-step debugging of Mandos tests, as well as obtaining test coverage. This also allows us to measure coverage on the full framework and to set up continuous integration 5/ - Start of epoch metablock now breaks +50 rounds deadlock by accepting ½+1 consensus instead of ⅔+1 - We've refactored erdjs and implemented new features. A beta version is available on [npm](https://www.npmjs.com/package/@elrondnetwork/erdjs). 6/ - Final tests on the early end of epoch mechanism triggered by a hardfork event - Implemented a mechanism that allows multiple interceptors on the same topic - Backward compatibility testing, system testing for staking smart contract, sy...
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