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The Elrond Mainnet kicks off with DeFi - Orion Protocol Integration Update

We’re excited to share about the first DeFi integration of the Elrond mainnet with Orion Protocol. We are supporting our partners to enable their platform to aggregate the entire liquidity from centralized & decentralized exchanges, as well as liquidity pools. ​ https://preview.redd.it/1zkx2w4make51.png?width=1280&format=png&auto=webp&s=bd4482a44a7bf3ebb3863ad4aa501be9bccae965 ✅ Deposit/withdrawal of assets. ✅ Trade functionality, fill/cancel/update ✅ Methods for determining balances and trade status ✅ Different models, such as an order model with encoding, decoding and validation functionality ⏱ Signature validation ⏱ Implementation of the order fee ⏱ Writing further tests The Orion team is on track to develop the ultimate cryptocurrency aggregation platform. The integration with our blockchain will enable fast, inexpensive and liquid DeFi products, and will bring an important transaction volume to the Elrond mainnet. 👉🏻 Read more: [https://elrond.com/blog/the-elrond-mainnet-kicks-off-with-defi-orion-protocol-integration-update](https://elrond.com/blog/the-elrond-mainnet-kicks-off-with-defi-orion-protocol-integration-update)
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