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$EGLD DeFi thread about the $MEX issuance on @MaiarExchange and the rewards schedule for the first year.

​ ​ 2/ Did you notice the 5x, 20x or 75x multiplier on farms? It represents the proportion of MEX rewards each farm receives, as a proportion of the MEX produced each block. A 1x farm receives 50 MEX per block, a 10x farm will receive 500 MEX per block. ​ ​ [GIF](https://reddit.com/link/poztln/video/byf167vblqn71/player) 3/ At the launch of the Maiar DEX there will be 3 farms (more to be added in the future): EGLD-MEX, EGLD-BUSD and MEX. MEX rewards produced each block will be divided between them as follows: EGLD-MEX: 75% EGLD-BUSD: 20% MEX: 5% ​ 4/ The total MEX rewards start at 5000 MEX/block in the first week and slowly decrease each week: 4000 MEX/block in week 2, 3000 MEX / block in week 3, etc. until 1000 MEX/block in week 9 & for the reminder of the first year after launch. ​ Schedule ⬇️ [MEX Distribution and Tokenomics - Public - Google Sheets](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PuDuWsD6CrkkYJ0AbPlPCSmbC0iCukx3-Gw_wYCglmM/edit) ​ [MEX Distribution](https://preview.redd.it/lrzp6epamqn71.jpg?width=360&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=c7c624e70ce573a28cd7530799a95f003ef8ee83) ​ 5/ In the bootstrapping period MEX rewards are up to 5x higher. Make sure you don't miss the opportunity. The parameters of the first two weeks after the launch of [@MaiarExchange](https://twitter.com/MaiarExchange) are replicated in the Battle of Yields event. Test your strategies there. Happy harvesting ! ​ https://reddit.com/link/poztln/video/7b3nxe5mlqn71/player ​ ​ ​ Source: Twiter [@LucianTodea](https://twitter.com/luciantodea/status/1438169504815722498)
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