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Dive into the Elrond Network overview by IvanOnTech

Ivan “IvanOnTech” Liljeqvist is a tech educator who has started the IvanOnTech Academy to spread knowledge and raise awareness about blockchain technology. ​ https://preview.redd.it/ukmhkxcnk1u61.png?width=1280&format=png&auto=webp&s=13873853302d6d8dd6fab0b5b19ba21cab1ce3e6 His latest article covers the Elrond Network ⚡️ tech in great detail and lays out the implications of integrating it in enterprise use cases. “The Elrond ecosystem can accommodate both individuals and enterprises alike! The flexibility, speed, and efficiency of the Elrond blockchain and applications within the Elrond Network are bringing a continuous growth of adoption for the platform.” [https://academy.ivanontech.com/blog/exploring-elrond-network-elrond-egold-egld](https://academy.ivanontech.com/blog/exploring-elrond-network-elrond-egold-egld) By the way, this is a great starting point for devs looking to join the $50,000 USD Moralis hackathon ([https://moralis.io/hackathon/](https://moralis.io/hackathon/))!
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