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Cross-chain interoperability for Elrond DeFi via Fire Protocol

We’re happy to announce that we are working with Fire Protocol, one of the first projects to build on the Huobi ECOchain (HECO), to further our interoperability goals. Our collaboration will focus on connecting the Elrond blockchain to our partner’s cross-chain hub. https://preview.redd.it/czonscr3oab61.png?width=1376&format=png&auto=webp&s=516ec200bf8071491fab1f9c3a6c7bfb9f212639 This integration will allow assets on Elrond to be wrapped on HECO, and vice-versa, enabling them to participate in DeFi opportunities spanning multiple chains. “Protocol interoperability is an essential part of our vision about the Internet of Money, where Elrond intends to play an important role. The collaboration with Fire Protocol supports our strategic goals to connect our mainnet to other blockchains and enable borderless DeFi opportunities.” said Beniamin Mincu, Elrond CEO. Read more: [https://elrond.com/blog/defi-interoperability-via-fire-protocol](https://elrond.com/blog/defi-interoperability-via-fire-protocol)
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