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Security Q&A - Tech interview with Robert Sasu

# Building towards a “99%” Fault Tolerant Sharded System Article [from](https://preview.redd.it/wgqu31u8smr71.jpg?width=800&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=84e0bd15e728f3fa9687994be4d3b1a7a4a14b40) ethresear, interview with Robert sasu The security of our network is of paramount concern to us, thus we are starting a series of posts that discuss our robust design. For a start, this article answers two important questions that came up during our recent interactions with developers. [Q&A](https://preview.redd.it/wgqu31u8smr71.jpg?width=800&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=84e0bd15e728f3fa9687994be4d3b1a7a4a14b40) **Q**: **How do you mitigate if a malicious group creates a signed block with bad cross-shard transactions ?** I will start with explaining the minimal requirements of our system. At the first day of the launch, Elrond protocol will have at least 800 validators, 400 for a shard and another 400 for metachain. We have a requirement that any shard has to contain at least 400 validators, otherwise the shard will not be created, or it will be merged with another. A few more highlights: * BFT requirement / assumption 75% of the total nodes are good actors; * Probabilities are calculated with the assumption that 25% of nodes are malicious. On shard level we accept a maximum of 33% of malicious nodes. Calculations are done with 10 shards, 4000 nodes from which 1000 are malicious. * The initial validator to shard allocation is random, randomness source for comes from the metachain. When a new validator comes in, it is allocated at random to an existing shard. At most 30% of the nodes are reshuffled at the end of every epoch; * The consensus group size in metachain is 400, the leader changes at every round (5 seconds), in order to sign a block ⅔+1 has to sign it, which is 267 validators; * The consensus group size in a shard is 63, it is selected at random from the 400 buffer, changing at every round. ⅔\*63 + 1 equals 43 — needed validators to sign a block. * The random seed is a...
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