Past, Present and Future - A Gitbook of Gnogen by Istari Vision

self.elrondnetwork1m ago
The Gitbook compiling all the extensive information about the past, present, and future of [@Gnogen]( is LIVE. Looking at the scope and scale of the project it is clear that in the coming months and years the project will mature into a compelling universešŸ§µ []( # Vision Core NFT set ā€œEmidasā€ is the catalyst from which 6 other Allies and a Villan will emerge to expand the storyline of Gnogen, laying the foundation for a Digital Trading Card Game based on the same lore. Ultimately producing TV shows/movies, collectibles, and a Metaverse # Studio Opening a fully-fledged Art Studio in Los Angeles to create all 2D and 3D productions in-house and speeding up the process while increasing the quality of the work in a consistent manner. Three amazingly talented artists are on board already, and more are on the way. # $GNG The Gnogen Metaverse will have its own native token $GNG which will be owned and mined fairly by the community. NFTs that contain a "Power" score found in the NFT metadata will be able to enter the upcoming unique distribution mechanism known as "The Great War" # Gnogenverse The ultimate goal is to create a one-of-a-kind Metaverse that sets the standard for Web 3 principles, decentralization, and user ownership. The focus will be on scenic backdrops, an array of playable characters, and community builders that help shape Gnogenverse. Covering an extensive project like this in just a few tweets does not do it justice. We highly recommend old and new community members to glimpse into their Gitbook for more in detail information and alpha. Source: [Twitter @IstariVision](