Maiar Weekly Report

self.elrondnetwork1m ago
[Step]( by step, block by block, every week we work on new functionalities and improvements, further evolving Maiar into the Web3 super-app for the new digital economy. Maiar Weekly Report 🛠️ [Maiar Weekly Report]( **Global updates and improvements:** * Worked on the UI for a new social experience * Validated new releases, fixed issues with new languages * Privacy improvements * Various bug fixes and improvements ​ **iOS specific:** * Added the option to display Contacts’ NFTs * Fixed push notifications for NFT transfers * Fixed loading animations for quick contacts * Improved the search herotag API call * Worked on WalletConnect stability improvements ​ **Android specific:** * UI fixes on Profile Screen and Activity List * Fixed missing logo and name for ESDTs * Contact Details UI fixes and improvements * Fixed QR deeplink issue ​ **API updates:** * Changed the DataAPI integrations for prices management and caching optimizations * Trigger an event when a Staking Provider changes their fee * Extended Feed API event types * Updated MaiarID privacy handling ​ [@getMaiar]( and carve your own path into the world of #Web3Payments ​ Source: [Twitter @getMaiar](