Last week in Elrond 🌏

self.elrondnetwork1m ago
[πŸ’Ή Chart]( the Elrond DeFi ecosystem on [TradingView]( πŸ›‘ Elrond tokens (ESDTs) are now available on [Trust Wallet]( πŸŒ‡ [BitOasis]( lists EGLD πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Mainnet upgrade: [elrond-go v.]( πŸ’± First MEX listing to go live on [BitMart]( πŸ›  Weekly [\#elrondtech]( [Elrond Weekly Summary]( β›“ [ElrondBuilders]( ecosystem platform Ⓜ️ Highlights of the Maiar App [latest update]( support for 3 new languages; Public Account privacy feature; Contacts' cover photos viewable ⚑️ [BHAT]( trading live on Maiar Exchange πŸ”· Maiar App [Weekly Report]( πŸ“Š Maiar Exchange [Weekly Report]( ​ 🌎 Elrond Network 1,66M accounts β€’ 47,37M transactions β€’ 12,42M staked πŸ“² Maiar 971K users β€’ 114K users stake $EGLD ⚑️Maiar Exchange $713 Million USD TVL β€’ $4 Million USD 24h volume πŸ“° Media mentions: ​ β€’ [Nasdaq]( β€’ [ThePrintIndia]( β€’ [TechTimes]( β€’ [TheAscentMoney]( β€’ [BitRss]( β€’ ​ Source: [](