BH Network Joins Metabonding To Accelerate Community Growth

self.elrondnetwork1m ago
[We’re]( happy to announce that BH Network is joining the Metabonding program with the goal to accelerate the growth of their community and maximize the reach of their products. [BH Network Joins Metabonding]( The BHAT token sits at the core of the BH Network economy, powering both their decentralized freelancing marketplace and the BHero launchpad. It will be distributed via Metabonding starting on June 16th, when participants will be able to claim BHAT rewards based on the previous week’s snapshot data about their amounts of staked EGLD and/or LKMEX deposited. BH Network’s team is developing a novel approach aimed to reshape the freelance industry by introducing an Escrow SC-based Marketplace that leverages the Elrond protocol unique capabilities. Curious how it works? Test their MVP on the Elrond Devnet: []( They also went live with a complementary product, the [BHero launchpad](, a launchpad focused on security and compliance that has the goal to foster the Elrond startup scene in a sustainable way. [Elrond x BH Network]( ### About Black Hat Network Black Hat Network is the revolution of digital marketplaces. Our fully decentralized and community-driven platform leverages the efficiency of the Elrond blockchain to significantly lower fees and increase trust for services provided by more than 1 billion freelancers globally. []( ### For more information, please visit us: * [Whitepaper]( * [Elrond Github]( * [Twitter]( * [Elrond Documentation]( ​ Source: [Blog / Elrond / BH Network Joins Metabonding To Accelerate Community Growth](