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So are we just ignoring the 8 transactions in the mempool with incorrect fees?

https://i.redd.it/9noc0rcz01211.png As was pointed out in [this thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/Electroneum/comments/8of6zc/time_stamped_1621_for_relevance_why_mining_empty/), there are 8 transactions at the bottom of the [mempool](https://blockexplorer.electroneum.com/txpool) that have transaction fees less than 0.1 ETN \(the new minimum fee after the fork\). These transactions have not expired after 3 days like all the other transactions, and are nearly 95 hours old at the time of writing. So are we just going to ignore these transactions and hope that all will be well when the difficulty drops tomorrow? If you ask me, those transactions are the reason that blocks are still rejected after the patch, as [tweeted](https://twitter.com/nanopool_org/status/1002580203355459584) by Nanopool. The patch should have solved things, but all blocks being mined now are still empty, which means there is still an error causing blocks to be rejected. And even if these transactions are not the cause of the block rejection problem, they will remain in the mempool indefinitely, since they're not expiring and also won't be processed due to low fees. So the ETN of the poor guys who sent those transactions will be locked in limbo. This will probably require a second patch from the team. u/HueyGTO, any comment from you guys on this?
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