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Moderators Wanted

Good afternoon everyone. We hope the day is treating you well. Here at r/Electroneum we are constantly growing as a community, and with that comes more responsibility for our moderators. The moderators of our subreddit are here to mitigate the spread of FUD, with respect to what criticism is compared to actual negativity. They are also here to help new members, by directing them to the proper outlets for their concerns and/or questions. Lastly, they are here to help control the posts and ensure that bad quality posts are removed and good quality posts, commended. With that said, we are currently looking for a strong set of individuals which would like to join the moderator team. We are looking for polite, respectful individuals who understand how to mitigate concerns without direct censorship and or immediate discipline. We need patient moderators with the willingness to help others and educate those that may have that fear, uncertainty and doubt lingering within. We believe that in order for us to maintain a strong knit community and to help the Electroneum project excel, we need to expand our control measures and bring on some new moderators. We are also looking for those who DO NOT MIND BEING A ROBOT. We are looking for people who do not mind doing menial and repetitive work. We are looking for those who can assist and go through the mod queue and un-moderated posts on a consistent basis. 18+ Years or Older Please If you are interested, please comment below with a brief reason as to why you believe you would be a good candidate.
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