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I have read more then one article about how revolutionary blockchain is for home buying and I do believe this is an industry that will be dominated by blockchain in the future. Which brings me to my question when will our MOU with urban catalyst move forward? I haven’t heard anything abt it lately

For those who are new to our community one of my favorite partnerships Elastos has is with Urban Catalyst (it was announced back in April but hardly brought up since) because if Elastos could be the go to blockchain for Urban Catalyst that could mean HUGE things for us. Here is the article about urban catalyst for everyone who is new to Elastos or bought in after the announcement. https://medium.com/elastos/elastos-announces-cooperation-with-two-british-firms-at-u-k-meetups-bc093b3e2a25 Any opinions on what this MOU will entail? Maybe selling homes on Elastos blockchain. One can hope 🤞 I just wanted to bring it up because I want our new investors to know about this amazing MOU and I also wanted to start a discussion about what you guys think this MOU will mean for Elastos in the future. Real estate on the blockchain has been a huge topic lately and the real estate industry is one industry that I truly believe will 100% blockchain based in the future. That’s why I believe our MOU with urban catalyst could be one of our biggest partnerships that no one really talks about. What do you guys think?
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