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Dear Elastos Team. I posted this comment under another post written by a fellow Elastos community member but I really think the team should read it too so I wanted to post my comment here. Anyone in the community who agrees and thinks the team should look into this too comment below.

I was just saying this on telegram yesterday. We seriously need to market to the pissed off Facebook users (I love to say I am not one of them. Steemit all the way) but Ela could make a 10 tines better steemit. Block stack in the US is making some major moves into the decentralized social media market and PROVIDING FUNDS. I would love to see Elastos reach out to block stack to see how together they can make a new decentralized Facebook. One quick example of how ripe this market is for the picking. I was at my buddy’s house the other day and I said “I will never understand how you Facebook users can stand letting zuck profit from YOUR data” he said “what else is there?” I said “blockchain. with blockchain you own your data and can make money off your data.” He said “that sounds great just tell me where to sign up and I’ll leave Facebook today.” ELASTOS NEEDS TO BE THAT PLACE THAT THEY CAN GO. BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE GETS THERE FIRST. There are millions like my friend. Maybe reach out to blockstack and work with them Read about blockstack below Blockstack Commits $1 Million To Support Crypto Based Social Platforms - Bitrazzi via BTCnews on iOS https://bitrazzi.com/blockstack-commits-1-million-to-support-crypto-based-social-platforms/
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