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Why you should buy (from a common sense perspective)

48 hours ago, hype was at an all time high. And for good reason. Edgeless is a great idea with immense real world application. People love to gamble even when the house has an edge. Fast forward to today, and the price is down about 30-40%, and only because most people involved in crypto have insanely unrealistic expectations. Let me explain. The news yesterday was that the license is taking longer than they originally anticipated. While that certainly isn't the news anyone wanted to hear, it's hardly a surprise. This is a very unique idea, and anyone who has worked on getting approved to do anything on this scale will tell you it doesn't happen overnight. Additionally, the license isn't even required for the casino to run. It's only required to use fiat. So you get a 40% discount because it'll take them a couple extra months to get a license. The other piece of news was that the initial launch will only be available to 800 people. Again, not the news you wanted to hear, but does that not make sense? I know that because this is crypto everyone wanted to hear that it'll be open to the public tomorrow and run perfectly with no bugs, hacks, etc. But that's not real life. They want to ensure the security of the platform before a general launch, and to me that's a good thing. It's not like that closed 800 person test is going to last for the next 5 years. There's absolutely nothing in the latest announcement that changes how huge edgeless could be. Real world companies have delays and push deadlines back all the time. It's not ideal, but it happens. There's absolutely no reason to panic.
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