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Last Update Before 0.1 Edgeless Launch

Last Update Before 0.1 Edgeless Launch

It’s really an exciting time because our platform launch is not that far a way. Actually, it’s happening this month! Just before jumping to updates, let’s quickly review the main events which led to this point:

2016.09 (The time before ICOs and Ethereum was mainstream): A team of blockchain geeks started developing the first gambling related smart-contracts ever existing in the whole Ethereum community.

2016.11: An announcement on reddit was made. First Ethereum-based slot machine on smart-contracts. And it worked like magic!

2016.12: The team started developing more games, such as Black Jack and Dice.

2017.01: The idea of Edgeless was born, and official ICO plans were released to the public.

2017.02: Edgeless beta smart-contracts for a Black Jack were released. And it worked again!

2017.03: ICO successfully finished funding a further development of the First Ethereum Casino.

2017.09: 0.1 Edgeless launch.

New to Edgeless?

In the last couple of days, we have had a massive growth of new people interested in the Edgeless project. If you are a new person who just found out about Edgeless, feel free to catch up by reading our public material. We have already released a massive amount of content:

WhitepaperBlog (Here you can find pretty much everything that is related to Edgeless)Slack community (You can meet the dev. team online and ask questions directly)

More channel links are posted below this update post.

And now, let’s get back to the main news!

0.1 Edgeless Platform Functionality which is about to be Launched

Account Registration

Since a crypto is still in an early stage, and technology behind it remains complex for most of the users, we need to use an account registration. In this way, we can prevent lost private keys, accidental token transfers to random wallets, and more. Allowing users to restore their password via email and 2 factor a...

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